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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

We have Schools Outreach programs.

which help Children to learn the Bible, Drummer Sports and Crafts.

We have Infant programs.

We have Primary school programs

We have Secondly/High school programs

And University program.

Together with School Teachers Workshops and seminars.

We have Sponsor a Child program:

In Sponsor a Child program we don’t discriminate against religion, ethnicity or gender as we’re called to preach the Gospel to every creature.

We have rescued needy children and girls at risk in our communities by supporting their education through “Sponsor a Child program” and you can sponsor a child with $ 48 USD a term. Despite our government’s effort to enable every child access education through introducing universal primary education (UPE) some children in our communities mostly needy children fail to go to school and others to continue with education at all levels. This is because Many Parents, Guardians and Poor Families can’t afford scholastic materials such as uniforms, books, pencils and other necessities like sanitary pads for the girls. So many girls during their menstruation period use tree leaves, papers and others just leave the school until their menstruation end which leads them to bad performance and absenteeism in classes.

That is why we came up with Dorkas ministry

which is now a great blessing to vulnerable school girls as they receive free sanitary pads to help them stay at school during her menstruation.

According to UNICEF, one in ten school girls across Africa miss classes or drop out due to their menstrual periods challenges. We witnessed it few years ago when we met one of the drop out vulnerable school girl who told us that she was using papers from her books during her menstrual period to keep blood from staining her dress which was not enough and blood were still stains her dress of which Boys were laughing at her and she ended up staying at home whenever her periods starts which affected her performances in class and caused her to drop out from school after her father got tired of paying her tuition and she performs badly in the class. We were so touched and start giving vulnerable school girls disposable Sanitary Pads in order to help them stay at school during her menstruation.

But lately we find it difficult to give vulnerable school girls disposable Sanitary pads due to our little source of funds and Dorkas Ministry ladies started sewing Washable/Reusable pads.

Many vulnerable school girls have been blessed through Washable/Reusable pads project.

But we found another challenge when some of the girls said that they have a challenge of adequate detergents/soap and many of them don’t have western style underwear to attach on the pad of which we have to buy whenever we’re to give out free Washable/Reusable pads to vulnerable school girls. So Dorkas Ministry ladies have started also to train the drop out school girls how to sew Washable/Reusable pads and fashion designing with the little resources we have at the moment.

This project will help also girls whose Guardians and Parents have failed to take back to school and those also who have given birth during lockdown during the schools close down. This will help them get skills in sewing reusable pads, backpacks and fashion designing in Improving their menstrual hygiene health condition and well-being and the lives of their babies has have given birth during the lockdown.

The reusable sanitary pad and backpack is made from locally available second hand clothing materials or used clothing, which are readily available in our local market. It comprises of three different kinds of materials with distinct layers: the bottom layer, polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof materials; the soft cotton flannel; and the absorbent cotton fleece material. It employs a much more hygienic approach through hand washing with locally available soap and then sun-dried.