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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

Affiliated Churches

GreatCom Ministries International has more than 800 affiliated churches and ministries around Uganda Africa of which some are fellowshipping in temporary shelters and believing God to construct permanent buildings in future.

Most of our affiliated churches and ministries do not have their own website, but we have listed a few which has websites as some do not have.

Living Hope Church

Senior Leader

Pastor Robert Mwesigwa


Living Gospel Church

Senior Leader

Pastor Posiyano Luyinda


True Word Church

Senior Leader

Pastor Jonah Sonko


If you would like to be part of this joining together within the body of Christ that Jesus may be exalted, God glorified and His kingdom manifest throughout the earth you are invited to Affiliate with us.

The purpose of our Affiliation is to fellowship (koinonia) with one another in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We are Affiliating together to:
1. Build unity among all believers in Jesus Christ; pray for each other's spiritual, emotional and physical needs;
 2. Encourage one another by sharing insights, testimonies and progress reports of the work of God accomplish.

We believe that the most important part of affiliation and working together is to build the relationship in Christ. Relationship in which we are able to furtherance together the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.
So let’s join together in reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus that the Father may be Glorified.

And we have open days that you would be welcomed to visit us and If you feel to donate or to Support GreatCom Ministries International, you are highly welcome.