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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

Outreach programs

We conduct numerous outreach activities across the country and region at large.

We have been run a rescue to our community vulnerable people during this difficult time of the global pandemic. We set up a Food Bank but in just a few days most of the stock has been distributed to those in most need in the community.

We would like to keep helping more vulnerable people as much as we can, in addition to our on-going work of caring for the Elderly in the community but we don’t have enough resources as you may see this old man sleeping under a tree and needs a house but little resources can’t allow us to build him a house.

So if you would like to join the great work Dorkas ministry does by giving a donation, however small, you can, donate through the donation page on Dorkas Ministry Website: www.dm.cfsites.org YouTube Footage https://youtu.be/JHpJaRVGLtY and Video link  https://youtu.be/khFgKJyLCz0  of more helped vulnerable people.

We reached out also to widows and single mothers because in some African traditions, when a husband dies, the husband's family takes the property and all other belongings away from the widow and her children, leaving them destitute as you may see this widow with her six children.

She has nothing...Sleeps on a dirt floor in that rented house, letting a land also to plant crops to feed her children. Her land was taken by her relatives. Really you cannot get your brain around this, it is very surreal but little resources can’t allow us to build them a house.

We do Medical program were people get free treatments and medicine as Matthew 25:35-46 says that I was in hospital and you do not minister to me. So we reach out to people who are in a desperate need of medical attention with no means of paying for it and minister to them medically.

Medical outreach has saved many lives because many people in Uganda cannot afford the cost of the treatment as you may see the old woman in the attached picture. We found her in a desperate need of medical attention which she had no means of paying for it and ministered to her medically.

We have Prison visiting program as Matthew 25:35-46 says that I was in prison and you do not minister to me. So we reach out to those in Prisons and minister to them with some stuff as we can.

We do Community work like renovating elderly people’s houses

For example, we visited a community Elderly woman and we discovered that there was no door on her house which was leaving her in a very vulnerable position. So God enabled us to buy and fix a door on Margaret's house.

and also buy her a new charcoal stove and pans because her stove was broken. We are hoping to plaster the walls inside Margaret's house and lay a concrete floor so that she can live in a little more comfort.

We dig community Wells and do community sanitation because the gift of clean water is not something every area in Uganda enjoys and lack of clean water is a major problem mostly in Uganda Rural Areas of where most people and animals share same water sources. Children and women walk miles upon miles every day to nearby streams to fetch dirty water trapped in holes/beneath rocks.

They had no choice when water is needed and the only water available for them are contained with bacteria and diseases such as bilharzias, sleeping sickness, river blindness, guinea worm disease and malaria. Besides these, diseases such cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery and pneumonia continue to kill children in big numbers but God enabled us to donate two clean water sources which is now helping five remote villages to access clean water in a short distance.

We do Agricultural and livestock’s programs

As we embark on the journey to eradicate poverty from our affiliates churches and ministries, we have started engaging the member church leaders and ministers in income generating projects as a way of eradicating poverty.


This income generating projects are funded through tithe and offerings of the member churches. After realizing profits together, we give to another member and that is the principle given to next member to run their projects too. We also distribute the livestock as follows, for example, if we rear a nanny and Billy Goat or Sow and a Boer Pig they can give birth to young ones and we distribute them to other members and they multiply like that because A nanny can give birth to four kids a year and A sow can give birth to ten piglets which is 20 a year and it is very good multiplication of our supply to other members.