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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

Our Board Members

The Board has a rich experience in church and ministry from a diversity of backgrounds.

Chairperson of the Board:

Pastor David Serunkuma Sebunza is the chairperson of the Board and the Senior Leader of GreatCom Ministries International which is found in the suburbs of Kampala the capital city of Uganda East Africa. God called him at the age of 19 and told him ’’Go take hope to the hopeless and reconcile my people with me and I will be with you in miracles, signs and wonders''. Since that time, God has proved His word as He uses him in miracle, signs and wonders. Pastor David is the Vision Bearer of GreatCom Ministries International In his own words as a vision bearer says, In every corner of the world Unity is the power to accomplish every plan and mission. Before Christ was taken to Heaven, He prayed for us to be in Unity. (John 17:11KJV). Pastor David is married to Margret Nakiwala and they live in the suburbs of Kampala with a happy family of four kids plus the sixteen orphans and needy children under his care.

Nakku Betty is the Board secretary and she is a widow of our late ministry minister and she live in the suburbs of Kampala with seven orphans.

Betty believes that joining together in unity as a body of Christ is the most effective ways to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Margret Nakiwala is the Treasurer on Board and a leader of Heavenly Embassy Church Women Ministry. A ministry with a Mission of bring together the women of Heavenly Embassy Church as sisters of one body and to act boldly as virtuous women in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jonah Sonko is the senior pastor and founding of True Word Church in Uganda East Africa. Pastor Jonah is married to Cynthia Nakirya and he lives in Kampala Uganda with a happy family of four kids. He has passion for music and he has been performing artist since 2005. He learnt music of staff notation and part of stuff notation and he also experienced in instrumental, drama and compositions. He has been ministering in conferences, retreats, crusades and pastor training seminars and he released two solo albums