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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

Who we are:

We are a Born Again Faith Based ministry which Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.

GreatCom Ministries International is registered under Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network (a-non-profit--faith based Organization Registered by the Uganda Government. Reg No: 80020000512511 of Uganda Registration Services Bureau, http://www.ursb.go.ug)

GreatCom Ministries International has more than 800 affiliated churches and ministries around Uganda Africa of which some are still fellowshipping in temporary shelters and believing God to construct permanent buildings in future.

Our Vision:

 To unite the body of Christ (globally) for every part to supply its share (Ephesians 4:16)

Our Mission:

Winning Souls for Christ, Baptizing them and Teaching them to be Christs’ disciples: (Matthew 28:19-20)

 Our Core Values:

  1. We are based on Biblical scriptures.
  2. We believe in inclusiveness.
  3. We believe in teamwork.
  4. We believe the Christian way of Life.
  5. We believe that Jesus Christ is the sole Provider and the only way, truth and life.

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to unite the body of Christ (globally) in fulfillment of the Great Commission.