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GreatCom Ministries International

Joins together the body of Christ to do the great commission.  

We host Mission trips, for the church missionaries, individuals, families, students on internship from colleges, schools of ministry and anyone who desire to minister in Africa as well as tourism with the government’s security support and we don’t discriminate among church/ministry denomination, age or gender.

We believe all people from every tribe and nation are being called by God to go into the world and witnesses to His goodness. So if we combine our different experiences, strengths and gifts, we will be able to see lives and communities transformed and give powerful testimony to the glory of Jesus Christ.

And God has given us all ability to organize events which allow every person to minister, whatever Gift, skills, passions or background, there’s an opportunity to share the love of Christ with people of Uganda and the entire African region.

What we offer on Mission trip

We offer free accommodation or lodging for 3 people but for more number needs free lodging we use double-deckers to accommodate 20 people.

We offer also free ground transportation for a group of 3 people but even though we offer accommodation and ground transportation for 3 people, every missionary as to contribute some fee on feeding and ministry programs depending on the type of the event and the period to be with us.

The below costs depends on the length of Time a person wants to spend and the variety of ministry plus Touring to see attractive things we have in Uganda like. The source of Rive Nile ‘‘World’s Longest River”

  For Short-term (one to two weeks) including feeding, ground transportation and lodging

1 person pays: $ 1,715

For a team of 2 to 5 people, everyone pays: $ 1,215

For a team of 6 to 10 people everyone pays: $ 1,000

For a team of 11 to 20 people everyone pays: $ 860

For 21 and above everyone pays: $ 580

For Long-term (One month) costs including feeding, ground transportation and lodging

1 person cost: $ 3,286

For a team of 2 to 5 people, everyone pays: $ 2,786

For a team of 6 to 10 people everyone pays: $ 2,382

For a team of 11 to 20 people everyone pays: $ 2,135

For 21 and above everyone pays: $ 1,855

What is not covered in the above costs?

The above cost doesn’t cover your personal spending money, gratuities where appropriate (waiters, bus drivers, housekeeping, etc.), passport and visa fee even your Airfare/Ticket. Flight costs depending on the country of departure.  Here are the few cheap airfare internet sites can be accessed below:

Farecompare.com - http://www.farecompare.com

Expedia.com - http://www.expedia.com 

orbitz.com - http://www.orbitz.com

kayak.com - http://www.kayak.com

Typically, prices range from $1400 US to more than $2000 US.

 In addition to the cost of flights, a Uganda entry visa which costs $55 US must be purchased.  This visa may be obtained in advance through any Ugandan embassy; it can also be purchased at Entebbe airport.  If you intend to purchase a visa at the Entebbe airport, you will need to have the $55 US payment in cash when you land.

Getting to Uganda takes time.  From North America, the trip usually takes more than a day.  Typically, planes fly from North America to London or Amsterdam and then on to Entebbe in Uganda like KLM. Once you’re arriving in Uganda, we meet you or your team at the Entebbe airport. The trip from Entebbe airport skirts to Uganda capital city Kampala, takes 1:30 hour’s.

We give our visitors opportunities to tour also and see attractive things we have in Uganda like. The source of Rive Nile ‘‘World’s Longest River” The River Nile is about 6,670 km (4,160 miles) in length and is the longest river in Africa and in the world which is draining into the Mediterranean Sea. The source of all this tumult is marked by a modest sign that reads “The Source of R. Nile - Jinja - World’s Longest River” at Ripon Falls in Lake Victoria, Africa's biggest lake also. On the northern edge of the lake, water pours over a waterfall, into a narrow opening which is the beginning of River Nile.

The Pavilion (Island) in the lake is another unique feature at Namugongo with a clear view that can be seen from all angles of the over 15 acres Shrine compound.

3. We have the Equator

The Equator also passes through Uganda. The climate, too, is highly agreeable, reflecting the combination of an equatorial location and medium to high altitudes. Uganda's equatorial climate provides plentiful sunshine, moderated by the relatively high altitude of most areas of the country. Mean annual temperatures range from about 16° C in the southwestern highlands to 25° C in the northwest; but in the northeast, temperatures exceed 30° C about 254 days per year. Daytime temperatures average about eight to ten degrees warmer than nighttime temperatures in the Lake Victoria region, and temperatures are generally about fourteen degrees lower in the southwest.  Except in the northeastern corner of the country, rainfall is well distributed. The southern region has two rainy seasons, usually beginning in early April and again in October. Little rain falls in June and December. In the north, occasional rains occur between April and October, while the period from November to March is often very dry.

4. We have the Uganda Zoo

Uganda is rich in wildlife and natural resources. The pearl of Africa has beautiful and diverse habitat for animals in Zoo and national parks. The Western part is an ideal location for tracking the rare Mountain Gorilla’s and the very much humanlike chimpanzees. Seeing zebra’s, giraffe, hippo’s and many other wild animals but it is definitely also the best place in the world to go and see primates in the wild and go Gorilla tracking. If you come to Uganda we will arrange you on other costs the right safari if you should wish to do so.  Like Queen Elizabeth National Park where Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Hippos and many more animals can be found and We give our visitors a tight security

If you feel to give us a visit, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our ears are always open and ready to hear from you